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Become a Ken Baum Certified Coach 

Our excellent reputation for consistent, verifiable  results  are

unrivaled and will provide you the brand credibility, prestige, confidence, and trust needed for success in your sports world!


I am looking for experienced coaches, trainers, psychologist, and those in the healing arts that are searching for a rewarding and meaningful addition to their professional lives.


If you've ever been curious about sports psychology and the impact it can have on the lives and performance of others, then this is the right opportunity for you. 


If you want to maximize your potential and all those you come in contact with, then answer the six questions below and see this unique opportunity is right for you.  


Certified Coaches Having Fun Learning 

VB Coach Robbin Higgins, Professor Jill Tupper

World Champion Adam Watts

World Champion Lonny 


  • Do you have 2+ years of coaching or business experience?

  • Do you enjoy helping others succeed, change or heal faster?

  • Do you have an interest in sports psychology or personal growth? 

  • Would you like an extra income stream or a full-time income? 

  • Would you thrive being part of an elite team of like-minded people?

  • Do you have the confidence to consider investing in yourself to have the above?


The Mental Edge - Forward by Karch Kiraly

3X Gold Medlaist and Best Ever!


Fill A Massive Void In The Sports World 

Ken Baum Mental Edge Certified Coaches


KBME Coaches are the Gold Medal Standard. We are an elite group of professional, certified sports coaches that are committed to improving results in all areas of sports performance and recovery. We are a positive force serving our local city's, teams, clinics, and schools. When you become a KBME coach and trainer you will be joining a unique group of other driven, passionate men and women from around the world that have invested in themselves to take their skills to the elite level. You will win more with less stress and enjoy coaching like never before. 




My Certified Coaches learn to be experts in:


Bringing Out the Best in Others

Team Building

Leadership Development


Creating Positive Culture

Teaching Skills Faster

Winning Sports Psychology

And more!

NEXT CERTIFICATION Sep 26-29 or Nov 2-5, 2019 DANA POINT, CA

Ken Baum Mental Edge Certification 

Developing The World's Best Mental Coaches

Father, Husband, Surfer, MMA & Great Guy!

Adam Watts World Champion

and Certified Coach

"Ken Baum Mental Edge Certification is so good I went through twice! It takes people from knowing to doing, with immediate impact on  performance." 

Jill Tupper, Professor
Rady School of Business

Ryan Sypkens Getting Certified

Beautiful Dana Point California 

This is a unique opportunity that can't be bought and must be earned. KBME Certification is for Coaches, Athletes, Personal Trainers, Sports Trainers, Martial Arts Instructors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and all those in the healing arts seeking a winning or healing edge. The candidate we seek is willing to commit to ongoing study and refinement and will invest in themselves as they pursue excellence as a mental coach. They have 5 years experience in their field or 2 years of coaching experience combined with a college or pro sports background. 




Enroll in Level 1 - This 2-day workshop is for those that want to achieve their personal best, share the learned techniques with their team or clients and be the best coach, practitioner possible.  

Enroll in Level 2 - This 4-day program is intense for those that want to achieve their personal best, share the learned techniques with their team or clients, work with individuals one on one, consult and present to other groups and teams and build a side or full-time income stream. 

NCAA 3 Point Percentage Leader

Big West All-Time 3 Points Shots Made

Ryan Sypkens

Every week a KBME Athlete Competes Around The World!

Ilima-Lei MacFarland, World Champ

Stephen"Wonder Boy" Thompson

Mira Costa Volleyball, League Champs

Daniel White, National Ranked HS Runner

Special Bonus Level 2 Only!


How to Deliver Talks That Inspire, Motivate and Win!

Ken Climbing in the Sierras

Learn The #1 Sports Psychology System

Instantly Improve Your Credibility & Coaching 

Team Up with Ken and Join our Gold Medal Team

  • Position yourself as a mental training authority


  • Train athletes as a certified KBME Coach


  • More effectively coach your team 


  • Get more out of your business


  • Be a leader and world class motivator


  • Have instant credibility


  • Play any sport better


  • Have passion and drive everyday


  • Open new doors and opportunities


  • Manage from a new effective base


  • Learn how to get yourself "mentally right" 

  • Earn additional income


  • Add to your current services


  • Become an Affiliate Coach


  • Improve business and communication skills, create presence and magnetism


  • You will make things happen and drive your best results ever


  • Fill a need in a massive market 


  • Sales support, *leads, *referrals (available to affiliates only)


  • Bonus! Coaches Speak, facilitate classes and team training (available to affiliates only)



Work Directly with Ken, 30 Years Experience

54 World, Olympic and National Champions

"It's simple. The players that have the mental edge win championships ... Those who don't, don't."


   -Karch Kiraly, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

"The higher the level you go in sports, the more important this becomes. This is it right here!"


   -Aaron Taylor, NFL ret, Packers, Chargers

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This Hands-On Program Is Limited to 12 Students

Ken Baum and The Mental Edge Featured On


NEXT CERTIFICATION Sep 26-29 or Nov 2-5, 2019  DANA POINT, CA

What Do I get?




Live Training with Ken Baum in Dana Point, California, Autographed Copy of "The Mental Edge," Syllabus, Workbook, Daily Quizzes, Final Exam, Exclusive Online Workshops, Monthly Calls, Weekly Updates, KBME Certificate, Healthy Snacks, Group Lunch, Beach Workout, Students to Train, Tips on Getting Clients and Building a Profitable Business. 


4 Days Of Live Training


  • Gain Proficiency in Ken Baum Mental Edge the #1 Sports Psychology System


  • Application to Business and Life


  • Learn to identify best learning styles


  • Understand the differences in visualization


  • Discover the power of breath


  • Unlock new ways to learn any skill faster


  • Uncover secret motivators for massive action and goal achievement


  • Identify internal thoughts and dialogue that undermines you and CRUSH THEM


  • Use Performance Talk and talk your way into your best performance


  • How to create and use performance cues to get into your

       Performance Zone


  • Student interaction, case study's, role play


  • Unleash knowledge and skills you didn't know you had as you harmonize mind/body


  • Raise your confidence and self-esteem to be successful in any situation


  • Overcome FEAR! Application in sports, business, and life


  • Beyond mentally tough to mentally right


  • You will learn all the basic tools to teach the KBME system




Level 2 Coaches continue for two more days and receive:


  • More case studies, role-playing and real applications with athletes, business people and others to make you a better coach


  • How to coach a physical workout with mental edge techniques and conduct mental sessions with people of all backgrounds


  • In-depth knowledge and discussion of advanced techniques


  • Marketing ideas, how to create interest, follow up protocol, getting referrals, booking speeches, handouts, networking


  • COACHES SPEAK! Live and online special addition. This will make you a motivation master as you learn the science of group speak 


  • Final Exam


  • Each potential Affiliate Coach must meet certain requirements after passing the final exam


Look Forward To Having You On The Team! 

Dana Point Harbor

Dana Point Harbor

A Few Blocks From Venue

10th Planet, San Diego

Ken with Ilima-Lei MacFarland

Bellator World Champ

KBME The Winning Edge

Everyone talks about mental training but few know how to teach it.

Many experiment with everything from Zen to Hypnosis and attempt to visualize without much success. These well-intended attempts often turn people off from mental training and worse, damage performance. With KBME you can dial into the needs of your teams, athletes, clients and provide them the proper mental training for them. No experiments or guesswork needed! 


Upgrade Your Education

and Excel




Become a Top 50 Foundation

Member, Get Certified Now

Register Today And Guarantee Your Spot

This Hands-On Program Is Limited To 12 Students

Certified Affiliate Coaching Program

Be part of an elite team and take your coaching, leadership, and results to the next level or build an exciting career. ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED!

I look forward to sharing my 35 years of experience with you! You will have a great time surrounded by like-minded people committed to being their best. Now is the time, this is the place, to take your skills to the next level and change your profession and life forever.

   -Ken Baum

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