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If You Knew You Couldn't Fail What Would You Attempt?  

Mental Edge Tip of the week


Mental pollutants are all around you. Everything you watch, hear, read or take into your body has an impact on how you think, live and perform.  Learn how to protect your mental environment and maximize your performance with these 4 keys to an unbeatable mind. >>> Read more


It's Time To Realize Your Potential


Bellator Champ,  Ilima-Lei Macfarlane

WELCOME to the #1 Sports Psychology System in the World! 

Hey everyone!  I appreciate you taking the time to come to my site.  This is the place where athletes serious about their performance come to learn mental training that really works. In my 35 years of experience, I have trained more world champions and elite athletes in more sports than any other mental coach or sports psychologist in the world.  The 100+ World, Olympic, and National Champions are real-life testimony to the power of Ken Baum Mental Edge.  Change your thinking, and you change your results; it works every time! 





The fastest way to learn a new skill, increase confidence and have the ability to excel under pressure is to work with one of my certified coaches or me one on one.  Keep in mind that you can work with us live or from any location in the world!









MY Certified Coaches are Hand Picked and Proven Winners! 

Pictured with me is Certified Coach, Ryan Sypkens who led the NCAA

in 3 point shooting percentage and was the Big West all-time leader.

One on One


USA Gold Medal Volleyball Team 

IGNITE EXCELLENCE_edited_edited.png

Another great choice is to enroll in a Workshop or Certification Program.  This allows you a tremendous advantage over your competition. You get the best of Ken's techniques in a condensed period of time.  You will leave the workshop ready to perform or coach better than ever.  You will make a major shift in attitude, confidence, and skill development that will take you to the next level.  

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