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Take A Giant Leap Toward Better Performance

Are you a professional, college, HS, club or recreational athlete, who is not satisfied with your current level of success?


Would you like to compete with confidence, learn skills faster, 

maximize your potential and be at your best when it matters?


If you've answered "Yes" to any of the above, Ken Baum and his certified coaches can help achieve your goals faster than you ever imagined possible!


KBME Based Coaching is unlike any other coaching available. When your mind is right, your body and your best performance will follow. 


Now is the time to take that first step to a "Giant Leap" from dreaming to being. 

All Athletes Achieve More With Ken Baum Mental Edge

The Most Important Competitive Advantage An Athlete Can Have is Ken Baum Mental Edge

"We brought in Ken because of his reputation for results"


  -Hugh McCutcheon, Olympic Gold Medal Coach      USA Men's Volleyball 



"Ken Baum Mental Edge is the single most important thing I did to beat the odds and qualify for the WCT, the #1 surf tour in the world despite all that said I was too old!"

   -Pat Gudauskas, WCT Pro

"My rise to the top was in large part because of my consistent training with Ken Baum. He has been with me from my second fight and every fight to the title" 


   - Ilima-Lei MacFarland, Bellator World Champ

KBME causes consistent gains in teamwork, sports IQ, skill development, and personal performance while leading to extreme confidence in all areas of sport. You will be amazed as your skills accelerate at a high rate of speed,  you succeed more often and have more fun as goals are attained, teams are made, scholarships earned, awards won, and big contracts are signed. It's time to eliminate distractions, get focused and get your mental edge!


When you decide to use Ken or a Certifed KBME coach you get a personal, unique program designed for you. You will Learn the following and more:


  • Overcome negative habits and self-defeating behavior.
  • Learn new ways of self-motivation and massive drive.
  • Reduce stress and increase sports IQ.
  • Learn how to visualize properly ... most do it wrong!
  • Talk yourself into your best performance and winners attitude.
  • How to relax under pressure with Ken's Instant Relaxation Technique (IRT).  
  • Set and achieve any goal faster and with more fun!
  • Crush fear and perform when it matters.
  • Mental strategies for rowdy fans, pushy parents, poor coaching, stressful tryouts, lofty expectations of self and others, brutal scouts, big games.
  • Faster skill development and game time improvement.
  • Turn mistakes into power, loss into gain.
  • Why the pursuit of excellence inspires, pursuing perfection deflates. 
  • A new way to set and achieve any goal.
  • Eliminate fear of mistakes, failure or success.
  • How to counter negative thoughts, coaches, parents, and teammates.
  • Learn to use the dead time before action EX: putting, free throws, archery, pitching, serving, any action with dead time or pause before play.
  • Learn dynamic action skills 100% faster. EX: throwing a football as the pocket collapses, jump shot off of a screen, MMA fight, surfing. 
  • Harness the power of posture and body language.
And much more ....







"Bill Walton trusted me with his son's; both did pretty well! Nate led Princeton in scoring, rebounds, and assists and Luke is coach of the LA Lakers. Karch Kiraly, the greatest Volleyball player ever believed in me enough to write the forward, "The Mental Edge." If you are a Superstar, little leaguer or weekend-warrior, I promise you my best!

   - Ken Baum

Karch Kiraly, Bill Walton & Ken

Because of high demand, Ken has limited availability. Act now and train with Ken "one on one" or with one of his hand-selected certified coaches.

Call 949-412-2758  

To Set Up Your Personal Program 

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