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Take A Giant Leap Toward Achieving More

Are you a business owner, executive, manager or sales professional who is not satisfied with your current level of success?


Would you like to enjoy more Money, Time and Control in your life and business?


If you've answered "Yes" to any of the above, Ken Baum can help achieve your goals faster than you ever imagined possible!


Mental Edge-Based Business Coaching is unlike any other coaching available. The focus is mind and body, followed by skill development.


Check out some of our options below right now and take that first

Giant Leap!

Business and Sales Achieve More With Ken Baum Mental Edge

The Most Important Competitive Advantage A Business or Salesperson Can Have is Ken Baum Mental Edge

" Ken renewed my passion and taught me how to eliminate the obstacles that were holding

me back."


    - Carla Lowinger, Realtor

" I am a big believer in Ken Baum. He has a firm grasp of business and has fresh ideas on how successful people can become even more successful."


   - Richard Brown, President H & R Block, International

KBME causes consistent gains in teamwork, skill development, and sales while leading to extreme confidence and high performance in all areas of business. You will be amazed as business and sales skills develop faster, you become driven, more productive and have more fun as goals are exceeded. It's time to eliminate distractions, get focused and succeed!


When you decide to use Ken or a Certifed KBME coach you get a personal, unique program designed for you. You will Learn the following and more:


  • Overcome negative habits and self-defeating behavior.
  • Learn new ways for self-motivation and massive action.
  • Reduce stress and become more productive.
  • Become a better leader and lead yourself as an example.
  • Get more things done in less time.
  • Set and achieve any goal faster and with more fun.!
  • Crush fear and put yourself in the driver's seat.
  • Become an unabashed self-promoter.
  • Relax under pressure and get the job done.
  • Learn to eat, move and think, for energy and clarity.


And much more ....


Peter & Rosemary Bringing The Mental Edge To Their Practice

It's my great pleasure to work with you!  I guarantee a positive impact on your business and life. Le Bron James has a coach. Meryl Streep has a coach, and many of the top executives and salespeople have coaches. They understand the value of another's experience and that's why I teach so many highly successful people desiring excellence. Whatever your current position or experience, train with me and together we will reach your goals!  

     - Ken Baum

CALL 949-412-2758 and set up your coaching program

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