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The basis of sport is to beat your opponent.  The bottom line in business is to dominate your competition.  We spend hours a day conditioning the body and/or enhancing our skills but often neglect our mental environment.  Your mental environment is crucial to having the mindset of a winner.  The following mental edge tip of the week, "4 Keys to an Unbeatable Mind", is the first in a four-part series, that will help you access your mental edge and compete with a mind that can't be beat! 

First, be careful of what you watch.  Your vision is incredibly powerful in creating who you are and whom, you become.  Humans are keenly visual which is why screens- movies, TVs, computers, phones, etc are so popular.  Images can change our state in an instant.  Advertisers, TV producers, and game makers know this and spend exorbitant hours and billions of dollars crafting the images that grab people's attention and won't let go. That's why, in 2018, the US population, 18 years and older, spent an average of 5 hours a day just watching TV.  The lure of social media has attracted the worldwide average user for 2 hours and 22 minutes a day.  This doesn't leave much time in a day to be who you are or become whom you want to be.  

This is alarming and begs the question, who's thoughts are you thinking? Ask yourself these questions when it comes to your screen time: 

Do I feel uplifted and positive after viewing or playing? 

Did I learn something new and valuable to enhance my life, better my business or make me a better athlete? 

Was this the best use of my time?

If your answers are no, then it is time to change your viewing habits.  Trust me,  you will lose nothing by avoiding the negative media and by focusing your time on the positive, you can reach your full potential.

An occasional venture into mindlessness viewing, make it a habit of watching only what enhances you and stop the habit of watching the news, flipping through Facebook, gaming with your nemesis and other screen time that sensationalize the negative.  Your mental environment can be polluted very easily by comparing yourself to others and their fantasy moments they portray on social media. Without this addictive screen pollution, you will have a clearer and freer mind to be who you are and focus on who you want to become.

What viewing, gaming or social media habit will you change now? 

Protect yourself from the mental pollution that is all around you.  The designers of the worlds media want you to be enslaved to the "all knowing screen" and not think for yourself.  They don't care if your business, sport and personal life suffer; they just want your full attention or addiction ... It's money in their pocket! 

Change one negative habit now and replace it with something positive.  What is your positive replacement? 

Let's be realistic; I am not saying stop all visual media.  The world we live in demands it.  We need our computers for business or education.  We need our phones for navigating to the nearest parking garage, making reservations for lunch or texting your friend that you are running late.  It's a part of my business and life, and if you're living in our world today, it is most likely a part of yours. 

What I am saying is this: Do you want to lose 121 days a year to mindless TV and frivolous social media viewing? If you are an average viewer, you will spend 8 hours a day tied to a screen that is neither work or school related.  This 8 hours a day or 121 days a year, translates in a 70 year lifetime, to over 23 years!  Is this how you want to spend your life?  Is this the legacy you want to leave?  Seize those hours, days and years, by making the change now and commit to a positive mental environment and an Unbeatable Mind!

Join me next week, as I share Key number 2, to having a mind of your own that can't be beat!

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